KNC will fight to repair years of damage and strive to grow an economy based on hard work and responsibility, not greed and reckless speculation―an economy that strengthens our country especially the middle/low -class families for the long run. The current recession has touched nearly all of us in some way, but the strength of our nation is its resilience to overcome hardship/tragedies.  At KNC we will try to help our people confront these challenges by spurring job creation, rebuilding our infrastructure, investing in alternative sources of energy (wind) and restoring fairness and opportunity to our economy including laying the groundwork to build a stronger economic foundation for the future. We wish to arrest the dwindling employment, improve healthcare and improve education standards by strategic investments in health care, energy, and education

We also shall reinstate fiscal responsibility in government spending and ensure that Kenyan taxpayers get the value for their money.

  • Ending tax loopholes and invest in small businesses, the so called Jua Kali Industries that create jobs
  • Providing tax cuts to small businesses, cheap power, and expand lending so that businesses can create new jobs
  • Rethink the youth fund initiative to be more effective. Engage the young people in environmental activities that are sustainable for over 1 year
  •  Investing in alternative energy (wind, solar and geothermal) and providing tax credits/rebates to manufacturers, jua kali artisans etc.
  • Putting Kenyans to work in rebuilding roads, bridges, rails, and ports and avoid allowing foreigners to take up jobs that we have local talent or can easily train locals.
  • At KNC we stand for the values of hard work and responsibility and rewarding hard work while severely punishing corruption without favor. Any country that invests in its people will always succeed especially the middle-class families and small business owners―who can grow our economy from the bottom up. Together, we can begin to lay a new foundation for growth and build an economy that works for all Kenyans.


Small businesses are the engines that drive our economy. The family owned Kiosks, entrepreneurs and small-business owners are crucial elements of our communities and our economy. They “represent the essence of the Kenyan spirit.” The Jua Kali workshops and the small businesses generate a lot of new jobs. They represent an enormous boon to our economy, and their success is critical to our country’s job creation dream. That’s why we at KNC will work to remove barriers that stand in the way of small businesses including availing well designed and planned sheds and seeking for markets locally and across our borders and thus helping more small businesses to get off the ground, reach other markets, expand, and hire new workers.

As a Government we cannot ensure a business’s success, but can foster the conditions that support hiring of new workers by providing tax relief,security,cheap power,good infrastructure and increasing the availability of affordable credit facilities to ensure those businesses  get the capital they need to invest and grow.

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