About Party

KNC was registered first in 1991 under the societies Act during the clamor for multiparty politics and the repeal of section 2 of the constitution on single party. As all other parties registered then the main goal was to get KANU out of power hence no fundamental ideals or goals were considered as the convictions of starting a political party.

However in Dec 2008 KNC was registered as a political party under the Political Parties Act 2007.This was after the tribal clashes that followed the 2007 general elections. During this time there was a lot of divisiveness in our politics and the country was too tribally divided and at the brink of a civil war. We realized that our leaders who had been in power since Independence could not give us the solutions to problems facing us. We watched as Kenyans butchered each other for no reason at all. Neighbors turned on each other just because of incitement by leaders. During that time the said Leaders were dining and wining together in posh hotels in Nairobi negotiating on how to share power. Power they did share but the poor Kenyan was left wounded, homeless and with tensions between neighbors. As we speak today majority have never been able to go back to their homes (they are still in tents despite billions of shillings supposedly having been spent on their resettlement) while others have never recovered from their businesses that were destroyed. No one has ever been convicted of the murders or destruction of property though it was done in broad day light.KNC realized that our politics had fundamentally broken down and the morals of our political leadership eroded.

It was on this background that KNC was rebranded to bring together people of like mind and who will see Kenya and its people from a different eye. We believe we are pioneers in a new frontier facing problems that require new strategies and fresh hands. We want new leaders with new ideas and different ways of doing things. We want leaders who will unlearn what they have learned from our current political leaders. We want leaders who can inspire Kenyans to once again trust and engage in her democracy. We want a clean break from the past. A different way of doing things

With the advent of the new constitution Kenya is in a defining moment in her history. We can no longer wait for change to come from our leaders. Today Kenyans are walking to work and working harder for less. We are paying more for petrol and basic food than we ever have. Hardly can any Kenyan family save! No one wants to retire. They cannot afford it! Retirement age has been increased to 60years. Our graduates are joining the low income class and there are dwindling chances for people in low income class to ever join middle class (middle class comprise of approx17% of the population with over 70% in low income class). This is a time bomb! We cannot afford to wait and see what is happening in the Arab world happen to us because of allowing dynasties, class people, special interest and lobbyists take over our country.

We must get out of this muck!

What better way than to come join us at KNC and let’s bring the change that we all want. Let’s have a government that is on the side of the people. A Government that provides its young people with a ladder of opportunity to achieve their dreams.

That is why the same campaigns of tribal alliances just won’t do in 2012! Our current political leaders are too polarizing. This campaign must be about issues, leadership credentials, proven past performance, vision and commitment to the cause that our forefathers fought and died for. Family lineage or wealth and privilege shouldn’t be an entitlement to rule. We should be guided by values of the hardworking Kenyans. We cannot prosper as a nation by allowing impunity or rewarding greed and corruption or by letting those with the most influence/wealth write their own rules. We must punish wrongs committed regardless of who has done it and we must reward hard work .We must help our young entrepreneurs and rural folks to do business as this will help our economy to grow from the bottom up. We must create an economy that lifts up our people from low income to join middle class.

In the months ahead Kenyans will have to make tough decisions on the choice of the political leadership they want. It’s not going to be easy….change never was.

KNC is therefore calling on professionals, young people, students and business people to come join us. We cannot afford to live politics to politicians again. We all must get involved; so speak out wherever you are, persuade friends, families, neighbors and colleagues to come join KNC and together lets form a formidable party and a Government that we can believe in.

We owe it to our forefathers; we owe it to our children and future generations to come. God gave us this country and put us here and blessed us here. Let us make it a haven of peace for a people called KENYANS!

“Wakenya tujipange”

God bless Kenya.